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We are committed to serving you through the following types of exterior property cleaning:

We are your one stop source for exterior cleaning in the Tampa – St. Pete area!

All homes in Florida need annual maintenance on the outside to keep them looking fresh and clean, especially as humid and rainy as it is here. Keeping your exteriors clean and removing dirt, mold, and algae helps to prevent damage to your paint and other surfaces. We use various methods to clean individual surfaces to ensure clean results that will keep you calling us back every time.

We Service: Houses, Office buildings, gas stations, parking garages, store fronts, roofs, construction sites and any other commercial or residential location. Our fully self contained trailer means we can service sites without running water. We offer low and high pressure washing St. Petersburg can adapt to any cleaning need.

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Hydro-Tech has thousands of happy customers. Ratings show that our customers value our customer service, our competence and the way we do our cleaning projects. Join our happy customers and trust Hydro-Tech Pressure Washing with your pressure cleaning needs.hydro tech pressure washing

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